Garba Abari in a media chat with Youth Security Roundtable, organiser of United Nations World Youth Day in Nigeria ahead of commemoration.

Issues discussed bothered on the need to promote peace and unity in #Nigeria against the backdrop of agitations across regions.

DG NOA, Garba Abari said #Nigerians need to talk to themselves to proffer solutions to problems confronting us a one indivisible nation. He advised agitators to channel their grievances through a pro...per channel, while advising that #Nigeria is better as one entity.

The interviewer, the Youth Security Roundtable has been in the forefront in commemorating UN World Youth Day in #Nigeria since 2013. The Youth Security Roundtable plans to commemorate this year's UN World Youth Day in #Nigeria with a project: Red Alert for Unity in Abuja.

Dr. Garba Abari cited contemporaries of #Nigeria as regards independence such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the like as countries to emulate. He said break up is not Nigeria's problem. That each region has its peculiar problem and challenges, adding that no country toys with the strength of its population. He blamed leadership problem for Nigeria's woes.

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